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Saving car buyers time and money by leveraging top auto industry insider strategies since 1982

100% guaranteed (in writing) savings for consumers!

We save  our clients time, stress and money by eliminating the industry strategies (sales techniques) that cause confusion, frustration and financial duress (loss).

Having started in car sales in 1982 and 25 years in management comprised of New Car Mgr, Used Car Mgr and Finance Director, there is not a strategy that I personally did not teach my staff to maximize the profits of the dealership.

Enlightened after 25 years in management to create a pleasant rewarding experience for automotive purchasers, Buymeacar International was established in 2006.

To eliminate confusion and frustration, our process works because it is client-focused. We do not engage with commissioned sales staff; only upper mgmt. responsible for Commercial Business, which means wholesale not retail pricing and we guarantee in writing to save the client at least 100% of the fee = net cost to client $0.00.

Most people in Florida love having a car but hate the complicated process of buying one. BuyMeACar in St. Petersburg Florida is an auto broker who works with you to find you the right vehicle for the best price!

Whether it be a new or used vehicle. Many who have bought a car in the past have at least one horror story to tell, so we want to make the process of car buying in south Florida as simple as possible.

In addition to Florida, BuyMeACar International services clients across the United States and Canada.

Buymeacar is not your typical auto broker. As an automotive concierge consulting firm we represent our clients only, not the dealers. This ensures that you get the right vehicle, financing and leasing matching your family, business, and lifestyle needs.

We use over 30 years dealership experience to secure the best car, truck or suv so you have the best car-buying experience. Call us today. We can help you!

Unlike autobrokers,  Buymeacar does not take money from car dealers and to ensure that clients get the best financing available we do a credit analysis.



  • BuyMeACar is a car buying service company, with our head office in St. Petersburg, Florida and also representing buyers in Vancouver and Victoria BC in Canada, as well as Calgary, Alberta Canada.
  • We service clients across North America and Canada. We specialize in automotive negotiations for busy consumers and those who love cars but hate shopping for one.
  • We have over 30 years’ experience in sales, financing, leasing, used car purchasing, auctions and sub-prime finance and purchasing.



  • We listen to your needs and desires concerning your automotive purchase
  • We provide a comprehensive Driving Analysis and profile which helps us determine your specific vehicle requirements
  • Research up to 3 vehicle choices and offer comparisons to help client decide on the correct vehicle
  • We go through a Budget Analysis which aids in discovering which is best: purchasing, financing or leasing for you
  • We have over 30 years’ experience in sales, financing, leasing, used car purchasing, auctions and sub-prime finance and purchasing.



  • We locate the vehicle you want through our dealer network, and then negotiate the lowest price
  • We review all purchase, finance, and leasing documents with you to ensure there are no surprises
  • You drive away in your new vehicle We guarantee you’ll save more than our fee, or our services are free!

Customer Testimonials

Buymeacar’s research identified an SUV we never dreamed of owning, with off-road features we didn’t even know existed.  Brian not only held our hands, but went through the entire buying process without our having to do anything but test drive, sign and GO, with no pressure along the way.” – Jane T. – Total Savings: $4697.80


BuyMeACar, Thank you so much for your help. We will be happy to strongly recommend your professional services to our neighbours, friends and colleagues. We are very happy with our Nissan Pathfinder.Sophie M. – Total Savings: $12,237

Brian provided my wife and I with knowledgeable industry insight related to narrowing our vehicle selection and then found us candidates that met our criteria and assisted in the final selection. Brian’s assistance saved us time and money which more than provided great value for the fee involved. I would highly recommend his assistance and service!” – Ian S. – Total Savings: $9457.28

“Thank you.  These two little words do not nearly express our complete satisfaction with Brian personally, the company and the process of “Buy Me A Car USA”. The cost savings in the purchase (in our case lease) and convenience far exceeds Brian’s fee. Never did we have to enter a dealership.  We are convinced that Brain and “Buy Me A Car USA” is the only way to purchase / lease a car. Based on our experience, we can only say that we highly recommend “Buy Me A Car USA” when shopping for a car”. –Ginger & Charles – www.LocalFloridaRawHoney.com – Total Savings: $4173.22

I bought a commercial vehicle using BuyMeACar and it was the best business decision I’ve made this year. I’m busy; and I don’t like dealing with car salesmen. They arranged everything so that it was painless. The financing was less than that offered by GMC as an incentive and BuyMeACar eliminated all those pesky and costly add-ons. They coordinated to have my industry required equipment installed, like ladder racks and shelves, and got them included in my financing and warranty. All I did was fill out a few simple forms and BuyMeACar did all the research and running around. We got fleet pricing, even though we only buy a vehicle every year or two, but that was only part of the savings overall in time, headache, removed hidden costs, financing, and down payment.” –Michael P. – President of Advantage Pest Control – Total Savings: $9256.41

How it Works

BuyMeACar International is an auto broker consulting firm serving St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, and Tampa, South Florida. BuyMeACar International is also car buying service and auto broker serving all major Canadian cites such as Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, the Maritimes and Newfoundland/Labrador. We are car buying consultants who help with car buying for seniors, luxury car buying, car finding services, platinum car concierge, and car finding services for car buyers in the St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, Tampa, South Florida areas and North America.