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Whenever I find a vehicle for a client I always ensure to have it thoroughly inspected and ensure that the vehicle is in great working order. One of the benefits of our service is that we offer a non-biased opinion of the vehicle. Think back to when you bought your last vehicle… did you fall in love? Did you feel compelled to buy it before someone else could get their hands on it?

Here is just a small part of what I check whenever I am working with a client:

1. Check how many kilometers (or miles for our USA readers!) is showing on the odometer. Is the wear of the vehicle comparable to the number on the odometer?

2. Press down on each corner of the vehicle. The car should come to a rest quickly. If it keeps bouncing you need to check the shock absorbers.

3. Inspect the vehicle for dents, signs of rust, ripples, or signs of repainting. Inside the vehicle lift up the mats on the floor and make sure there are no weld marks (this could be a sign of major damage)

4. Make sure the vehicle starts immediately and that it idles smoothly

5. Ensure all the lights on the dashboard and warning lights work

6. Ensure the brakes feel firm

Remember, you always want to get an expert opinion so don’t just trust your judgement. Ensure that the vehicle is given an inspection by a licensed mechanic.

If you would like any advice or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me directly and I would be happy to lend a hand.