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When you are looking at purchasing a new or used vehicle it is important to find the vehicle that is going to be right for you. Often times I have clients that come to me with a specific vehicle in mind and after chatting about their needs, and their wants often times I can recommend other vehicles that may be a better fit. My belief is no matter how much you save on a vehicle if you don’t love what you drive the cost of you driving something that doesn’t suite your needs and desires can be so much more costly!

Here are a few Tips for researching vehicles:

  • Decide what you need the vehicle for: commuting, work, family? Which models are you interested in? Write down your needs and favourite vehicles
  • Research vehicle safety features
  • Research fuel efficiency
  • Research sticker prices. Remember that the type of vehicle you buy can affect your insurance costs.
  • Research leasing, purchase options and resale value (Remember to use the BuyMeACar Calculators!)
  • Take each vehicle for a thorough test drive and take notes that you can refer to later