About Us

Brian O'Donnell, Founder

Having started in car sales in 1982 and 25 years in management comprised of New Car Mgr, Used Car Mgr and Finance Director, there is not a strategy that I personally did not teach my staff to maximize the profits of the dealership.

Enlightened after 25 years in management to create a pleasant, rewarding experience for automotive purchasers, Buymeacar International was established in 2006.

To eliminate confusion and frustration, our process works because it is client-focused. We do not engage with commissioned sales staff; only the upper management responsible for Commercial Business, which means wholesale, not retail pricing, and we guarantee* in writing to save the client at least 100% of the fee = net cost to client $0.00.

Brian O'Donnell founder of Buy Me a Car International
Brian O'Donnell, Founder
Buy Me a Car International

Our 3 Step Promise
for a Great Auto-Buying Experience!


We make getting a new car a fun and stress-free experience


BuyMeACar works for you – not the car dealer


We commit to making this the best auto-buying experience you will ever have!

About the Company

BuyMeACar International

Our corporate office is located in St. Petersburg, Florida, United States, with branches in Vancouver, BC, Victoria, BC, and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

Our service area expands throughout the United States and Canada, allowing us to serve our clients where they are when they need to make their next automobile purchase. 

Whether you are buying a new or used vehicle, think of us as your professional negotiator. Our highly experienced staff know the auto industry, they know the markups, and therefore, they know how to get you the best deal possible. 

As an automotive concierge consulting firm, we represent our clients only, not the dealers. This ensures you get the right vehicle, financing, and leasing matching your family, business, and lifestyle needs.

Buymeacar does not take money from car dealers, and to ensure that clients get the best financing available, we do a credit analysis.

Call now or fill out the form to get started. We work across North America to find you the car of your dreams at the best price possible.

10 Frequently Asked Questions

Buymeacar is a consulting firm with over 25 years od dealership management experience. We work for you, not the car dealers.

Yes, we get commercial pricing from the Fleet Department, eliminating the commission sales department.

No, we handle all vehicles, new and pre-owned

Yes, we handle leasing for all makes and models.

We provide an appraisal range if you wish to sell it privately or we handle trading it in.

We pre-negotiate the interest rates and terms many times, securing commercial financing, which is better for the client’s circumstances.

We can assist depending upon issues — no open IRS tax judgments, open bankruptcy, or open repossessions.

By asking specific questions, we create a client profile and review then make recommendations based on your profile.

All vehicles only come from new car dealerships. It is the only way we can ensure the vehicle has no issues. No rollovers in the Everglades, and remade in a Body Shop with a frame straightening machine.

We can have all the paperwork and vehicle delivered to your front door.