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The third of our Canadian locations is in Calgary. A major city in Alberta, Canada, Calgary is known for its vibrant energy, western culture, and stunning natural landscapes. Calgary’s combination of urban amenities, outdoor recreational opportunities, and cultural events make it a unique and vibrant city to live in or visit.

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Evening skyline of Calgary, Alberta, Canada one of the locations served by BuyMeaCar International

About Calgary, Alberta

Economy: Calgary’s economy has historically been closely tied to the oil and gas industry, as it’s situated near significant energy reserves. However, the city also has a diverse economy with finance, technology, tourism, and agriculture sectors.

Calgary Stampede: One of the most famous events in Calgary is the Calgary Stampede, often called “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.” This annual rodeo, exhibition, and festival celebrates Western heritage, attracting visitors from around the world.

Rocky Mountains: Calgary is located near the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, offering easy access to stunning mountain landscapes, hiking trails, skiing resorts, and outdoor activities.

Urban Parks: The city is home to several beautiful parks, including Nose Hill Park and Fish Creek Provincial Park, which provide residents and visitors with ample opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Cultural Scene: Calgary has a growing arts and cultural scene, with numerous galleries, museums, theaters, and music venues. The Glenbow Museum and the Arts Commons are notable cultural institutions.

Calgary Tower: An iconic landmark in the downtown area, the Calgary Tower offers panoramic views of the city and the surrounding landscapes.

Diverse Neighborhoods: Calgary has diverse neighborhoods with unique character. Kensington, Inglewood, and 17th Avenue SW are known for shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Winter Sports: Calgary hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics and has since maintained a solid connection to winter sports. Many winter athletes and training facilities are based in the city.

Education: The city is home to the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University.

Calgary Zoo: The Calgary Zoo is a popular family attraction featuring many animals worldwide. It is located in the picturesque St. George’s Island Park.

Transportation: Due to its efficient public transportation system, including a light rail transit (LRT) network, Calgary is a relatively easy city to navigate.

Festivals: In addition to the Calgary Stampede, the city hosts a variety of festivals, including the Calgary International Film Festival, Calgary Folk Music Festival, and the GlobalFest fireworks festival.

Cowtown to Chinatown: Calgary’s history includes its Western heritage and multicultural influences. The “Cowtown to Chinatown” walking tour showcases this history.

Scenic Drives: The nearby Rocky Mountains and foothills offer scenic drives like the picturesque route to Banff National Park, known as the Banff-Calgary Corridor.