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As a business owner, your time is divided in many ways. Can you even find the time to devote to vehicle purchases? At BuyMeACar, we understand the demands on your time, and we facilitate the purchase of a new or used vehicle for your company.

You don’t have to spend hours of research or negotiations before you even go through the purchasing process. No walking around the dealerships, fending off pushy salespeople, figuring out the best financing, and so on!

Whether you are looking for one vehicle or a fleet, sedans or cargo vans, we can provide the most straightforward purchase process. Our proven service frees up your time to do what you do best — run your business.  

No wasted time, stress, or the hassle of dealerships while trying to negotiate the best price.

We are not traditional car brokers. Instead, think of us as your car shopper. 

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Employee Car Buying Program

Provide a New Benefit to Your Employees

Most people have had or know someone with at least one negative vehicle purchase experience. Whether it was being oversold something they didn’t need or a pushy salesperson harassing them at a car dealership.

BuyMeACar has created an Employee Car Buying Program so that local businesses have another “add-on” they can provide to their employees. When your company offers a car-buying program to your employees, you provide them with a simple, stress-free way to purchase a vehicle. This benefit for them costs you nothing. 

How the Employee Program Works

Once the company signs up for the BuyMeACar program, all employees are sent a Welcome Package, including how the Program works and details about BuyMeACar.

When an employee wants to purchase a vehicle, they contact us. We will send them a client package with a profile to fill in so the right car can be found.

Once we have located the right vehicle, reviewed the transaction and the employee is happy, they simply sign and drive away in their new vehicle!

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