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Corporate Programs

Most people have had, or know someone that has had at least one negative experience when purchasing a vehicle. Whether it was being oversold something they didn’t need or they were harassed by a pushy sales person at a car dealership.

BuyMeACar has created corporate car buying programs so that local businesses have another “add on” they can provide to their employees free of charge. When your company offers a car buying program to your employees your providing them with a simple, stress free way to purchase a vehicle!

BuyMeACar has created this program so that…

  • Your employees can get you the best deal for Financing or Leasing a new or pre-owned vehicle
  • We negotiate the best deal for your employees to save them thousands of dollars
  • We help your employees save time (on average over 40 hours) on researching and finding a vehicle – we do the work, saving them time, money, and stress which can leave them to be more productive during working time
  • The employee can get the exact new or pre-owned vehicle they want
  • We can save your employees potentially 1000’s of dollars on their next vehicle purchase

How the program works

  • The company signs up for the BuyMeACar program – All employees are sent a Welcome package including how the Program works and details about BuyMeACar
  • When an employee is looking to purchase a vehicle they contact Brian by visiting BuyMeACarUSA.com or call us at 1-888-959-5962. and he will send them a client profile to fill in so the right vehicle can be found
  • Once the research is complete and the client is happy the paper work is signed and the employee drives away in their new vehicle!



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