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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions that we receive from people who are looking to use our services. If you have any questions or wish to speak to us please don’t hesitate to contact us

Is BuyMeACar paid by the Dealerships to provide this service?

We are not affiliated with any Dealerships in any way. We do have relationships with many car dealerships because that’s how we get the absolute best for our clients but we are not paid or reimbursed by a car dealership nor would we ever accept any referral fee from any dealers

Can BuyMeACar sell my vehicle for me?

No, unfortunately we are not used car dealers. We are happy to provide some advice but we do not sell vehicles for people.

Is BuyMeACar making money from the Dealership as well as the fee I pay?

No, we are consultants that work for our clients to get them the best vehicle for the best price. Our consulting fee is the only way we get paid. We work for our clients not the Dealerships.

Is BuyMeACar affiliated or partnered with any car dealerships?

No we aren’t. We certainly have relationships with many Dealerships but only to facilitate the best deals for our clients.

How do I know BuyMeACar is getting me the absolute best price?

Having BuyMeACar consultants who have over 25 years experience in the Dealership in Sales on the floor, New Car management, Truck manger, Leasing/fleet manager, Used Car manager, Wholesale buyer -purchasing and liquidating vehicles at the auction, and Finance manager we know the inside track and speak the same language as the dealerships. This assures the client get the right vehicle for them at the right price not what the dealer’s sales staff or anyone else wants you to buy.

I think I can negotiate a better price on a vehicle why would I use the BuyMeACar service?

Use the service to save time:
It takes at least 40 hrs to buy a car, thought of wanting new vehicle, researching, dealing with sales people, negotiating price, financing or leasing.
Save Stress: deciding on what is the right vehicle at an affordable price then locating the vehicle and dealing with the sales and finance department staff.
Save Money: can you afford the price and payments?
We guarantee in contract to save you at least 100% of our fee or money refunded!!!
You lose absolutely nothing and gain from our professional experience.

Can I just hire BuyMeACar to negotiate the best price for me at the Dealership?

Yes only if you have not been in the dealership looking at vehicles. We need to maintain a professional trust with the dealers as they are who we get our client’s vehicles from. It is not ethical for us to undercut a salesperson after they have spent their time with a customer.