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How Are We Different

Many people ask us if we are affiliated with a particular Dealership or if we are a Car Broker or Auto-Broker? At BuyMeACar we only work for one person, you. We are not affiliated with any car dealerships and we are not an Auto-Broker. There are also many other personal car shopping services who claim to do what we do. Below is how we compare:


 How a car dealership works

  • Wants to sell you a Vehicle at the highest price
  • Wants to sell you extras that you do not need
  • Have professional sales people to overwhelm and oversell you
  • Maximize their profits from you

 How an auto broker works

  • Charges you a fee to find you a vehicle
  • Is actually a Used Car Dealer
  • Finds the vehicle you want, marks up the price and sells the vehicle to you
  • Finds the vehicle you want at the cheapest price and sells it to you at the highest price
  • They do not offer any guarantees on their Services or their pricing

 Other personal car shopping services

  • Is usually an auto-broker masquerading as a personal shopper
  • Often times they charge an initial fee, find the vehicle you want and mark up the price and then sell the vehicle to you
  • They are often paid by the Dealerships
  • They do not offer any guarantees on their Services or their pricing

 How we compare to dealerships, auto-brokers, and other services

  • We work for YOU not the Dealership
  • We work off a Flat fee with No hidden or markup fee
  • We research the right vehicle for you, negotiate the best price and review the paperwork to make sure everything is agreed upon and is 100% correct
  • We negotiate with the Dealership on your behalf to get you the best price – find out more
  • We GUARANTEE we will save you our fee or we will give you a full refund

 Remember! know who you are dealing with! Never be afraid to ask questions if you are considering hiring an auto broker or personal car shopper!

  • Are you an Auto-Broker? How do you receive compensation?
  • Do you receive compensation from the dealerships you deal with?
  • If I do buy a vehicle using your services – do you add on any markup fees to my vehicle purchase?
  • Do you guarantee your Fee?
  • How are you paid for your services? Besides myself is there anyone else paying you during our transaction?



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