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How Much is Your Time Worth?

How much is your time worth? At BuyMeACar we know that when the average person is looking to purchase a new or used vehicle that you will spend a MINIMUM of 40 hours before you even go through the process of purchasing. You spend time researching, walking around the dealerships, fending off pushy sales people, test driving, and on and on!

How much is your time worth? We talk with people all the time who want to purchase a vehicle and don’t know if they should be spending the time themselves. We have a simple exercise for you…

How much would you say an hour of your time is worth? $25 dollars? $50 dollars? $100? take that hourly rate and multiple that by 40 hours. Now take into account that total amount and add the stress and hassle of dealing with pushy sales people and negotiating the best price on your vehicle. What do you get?

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